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About Baby Insider:

Baby Insider communicates vital parenting information through smartly organized lists that reflect the intelligence of and time-constraints on today’s parents.

Parents should not have to spend hours reading through pages of unorganized advice to find out what they need to do to be a good parent. The most important part of being a parent is spending time with your kids, not with piles of parenting books!

These days, friends, family, and neighbors are all involved in helping out with our kids, and not everyone can be expected to read a four volume series before they babysit. Baby Insider culls the information overload from parenting books and product reviews, boils it down to what you need to know, and presents that information in a series of lists that are useful for everyone.

About the Authors:

Sandra Azar is a former U.S. diplomat turned stay-at-home mom and work-from-home professor. She has a masters degree in military intelligence and speaks several languages, all of which left her woefully unprepared for temper tantrums and potty training. Early in her first pregnancy, she started compiling research from websites, books, and magazines on pregnancy and parenting. She soon became frustrated by the rambling format and scattered content, and instead began structuring all she learned into the executive summaries, briefing memos, and checklists she used to write for presidents and ambassadors. From that effort, Baby Insider was born.

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