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Honing Your Child’s Intelligence

Of all the aspects of your baby’s development, his intellectual growth is often considered as the most important, as it serve to underlie the other aspects. Hence, it is also one that has many parents concerned. In this article, we will take a deeper look at this and how you as a parent can guide […]

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Honing Your Baby’s Cognitive Skills

As we have shown in the previous articles, your baby’s cognitive development is one of the most important phases of his growth. However, it can also be on of the most delicate, what with the problems that can occur. Hence, you as a parent has a very important role to play in ensuring that his […]

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Cognitive Delays And Impairment

Your child’s cognitive development is one of the most important aspects of his growth, as it is here where he hones his senses and develops his brain in order to interact with the world around him. Thus, any problem in this area can have a major impact not only on his growth but also on […]

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Some Myths About Your Baby’s Cognitive Development

Your baby’s cognitive development is arguably one of the most vital stages of his growth as it is at this period when he starts to develop his various senses as well as his means of communication. However, since there is still a lot to know about child intelligence, this period can be rather confusing. In […]

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Your Baby’s Cognitive Development

Of all the various developments that your baby makes during his first few years, cognitive development is definitely one of the most important, as this is what he uses to make sense of the world around him. In this guide, we will cover this particular aspect and take a look at some of the strategies […]

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